What’s the difference?

When it comes to Goat’s Milk, taste makes all the difference.  If you’ve had more than one brand of cow’s milk, you know there’s not much difference between the brands that we have in Canada.  Cow’s milk is cow’s milk, but when it comes to Goat’s milk that isn’t the same at all.  The taste and quality between brands is wildly different, so it’s important to find one that your family likes!

So why does our goat milk taste so good?  Well, first we start with happy goats who have access to the outdoors all day long.  Our goat’s are fed a well balanced diet of organic vegetables and fruit, organic bread, organic brewing grains, local hay, alfalfa and pasture grasses.  Happy goats make sweet milk!

“So what happens to the milk afterwards?  And can we buy it raw?”   We get this question A LOT!  And although it is illegal in BC to sell unpasteurized milk directly from a farm, we try our very best to give you the highest quality product we can and that means less processing is best.

Pasteurizing Goat’s milk in the same manner as cow’s milk is really a mistake.  Goat’s milk is far more fragile in structure than cow’s milk and doesn’t withstand heat well.  The high temperature and homogenization used in these methods can cause the milk to have a strong processed goat taste and removes some of the nutrient value that we know our customers are looking for.

For our milk, we use a vat pasteurization system.  Small batches of fresh goat milk are pasteurized at low temperatures which preserve the taste of the milk in a way that doesn’t compare to other methods.  We also don’t homogenize our milk, so don’t be surprised if you find some cream in the top of your bottle!

Many of our customers who are trying our milk for the very first time are surprised that our milk tastes like milk!  Well, what else would it taste like?  If you’ve tried another brand of goat milk, and didn’t like it, try ours!  It’s not the same product!  I promise you.

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