About us

Our  farm:

Goat’s Pride Dairy is located at HeartSong Farm, a small family farm set in the green hills of Mt. Lehman near Abbotsford. About 130 goats roam the hillsides, grazing on the trees and bushes that grow there. On rainy days they retreat into the barns to munch on locally sourced, organic hay while they keep dry. The barn doors are always open so they can keep an eye on the weather and return to the pastures any time they please.


The family was gifted their first goat by Grandpa in 1987 when they bought their first piece of land. Since then all of the children have raised goats in the local 4-H club and many of them are still involved in the farm’s daily operations.


In 1993 the Goat’s Pride Dairy brand was born, producing locally raised goat milk., and delivering it to health conscious stores in the lower mainland.


In 2011 Goat’s Pride Dairy was nominated for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award in the Agricultural and AgriBusiness category for their quality products and contribution to AgriTourism in the Fraser Valley.


In 2014 their son Jason began his own cheese company, Mt. Lehman Cheese, using goat milk from a local producer to keep milk produced at HeartSong Farm available for bottling and making yogurt under the Goat’s Pride label.


As a member of the Abbotsford Circle Farm Tour, the family welcomes visitors to meet the goats and play with the babies who run around in the yard. They also host a Kids World Day, and an Open House for the community every summer. These are some of the favorite times for visitors to come and meet the family, taste the products, take goat cart rides and learn about the salmon bearing stream.

Our products:

Our all natural Whole Goat Milk is a delicious blend of Alpine, Nubian, La Mancha and Saanen goat milk, which has been gently pasteurized and bottled in 1 litre, 2 litre, and 4 litre sizes for your convenience.

Our all natural Whole Goat Yogurt comes from the same source, contains no additives or fillers, and is incubated for 12 hours to produce a delicate, creamy texture.